ProTelX manufacture a range of quality consumer electronics goods including office headsets, bluetooth devices, retro & nostalgic telephones and much more. ProTelX monaural, binaural and noise cancelling headsets are a cost effective choice for the discerning office manager and also include a free bottom cable.

Decorative Retro Phones & Retro Record Players

The original GPO Telephones were produced by the General Post Office in the UK from the mid-19th Century, right up to the late 20th Century whilst the telephone network was still a publicly run service.

Within that one hundred and fifty year period the GPO released a huge amount of memorable and sturdy phones designed for everyday use which were eventually discontinued as the company was turned into a private corporation in the 1980s and technology moved on to satisfy a demand for cheaper products.

Identifying a huge demand for these retro telephones, ProTelX Ltd have resurrected the GPO brand and have created a range of high quality, replica products closely matching the unique style and feel of the original GPO Telephones. In addition with the resurgence in demand for vinyl records ProTelX also manufacture a wide range of unique record players. See the full ProTelX range here or call NB Data on 0161 767 2540.

GPO Carrington

Classic early 20th century design

ProTelX Carrington

Product Features

GPO 746

Replica of the 1970s GPO 746 classic

ProTelX GPO 746

Product Features

GPO 746 Wall Mounted

Wall mounted replica of the 1970s GPO 746 classic

ProTelX Wall mounted GPO 746

Product Features

Union Jack telephone

ProTelX Union Jack phone

Product Features

Attaché Case Record Player

ProTelX Attache Case Record Player

Product Features

USB Record Player

ProTelX USB Record Player

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NB Data’s own brand ProTelX monaural, binaural and noise cancelling headsets also include a free bottom cable. To make your headset choice easy we offer a headset buy-back service, just call us on 0161 767 2540, email NB Data or complete our enquiry form.

PTX 101

Mono wired headset

ProTelX PTX101

Product Features

PTX 102

Noise cancelling monaural ear headset

ProTelX PTX102

Product Features

PTX 201

Voicetube binaural ear headset

ProTelX 201

Product Features

PTX 202

Noise cancelling binaural ear headset

ProTelX 202

Product Features

Headset Ear Cushions

ProTelX Ear Cushions

Product Features

Headset Connection Leads

ProTelX Cables

Product Features

Y Headset Training Cord

ProTelX Training Lead

Product Features

QD to 2.5mm Plug Bottom cord

ProTelX Plug

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