Interquartz Corded & Cordless Telephone Handsets

Interquartz’s philosophy is to build high quality, value for money corded analogue and SIP business telephone handsets.  Consequently, Interquartz telephones are the phones of choice in the Corporate, Financial, Health, Government, Educational, Industrial, Hotel & Hospitality and SME/SoHo market sectors.

Interquartz use high quality, thick plastic when manufacturing their handsets to ensure robustness as well as the very best components and handset cords which are made of a high quality soft plastic which is less likely to end up twisted. The keypad numbers are double injection moulded meaning they will never fade even with heavy usage. In addition the headset port on Interquartz telephones features a high quality, in-built, amplifier delivering the best possible audio, even on our most basic headset telephones and along with an inductive coupler for hearing aid users sound quality is at premium. Finally silicone rubber feet help keep your Interquartz phone firmly on your desk. Many of the Interquartz range of telephone handsets are guaranteed for 10 years.


Interquartz IQ-10

Product Features

Gemini Basic 9330

Interquartz Gemini 9330

Product Features

Gemini Speakerphone 9333

Interquartz Gemini 9333

Product Features

Gemini Caller ID Phone 9335

Interquartz Gemini 9335

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Voyager 9281 Hotel Phone

Interquartz Voyager 9281

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Voyager Speakerphone 9283

Interquartz Voyager 9283

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Endurance Slim Phone

Interquartz Endurance Slim Phone

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Endureance Cordless END 20

Interquartz Endurance Cordless END 20

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