Poly - One Brand for Headsets, Audio & Video Conferencing

Two technology leaders, Plantronics for Headsets and Polycom for Conferencing have joined forces to become one global brand-Poly. With a rapidly growing workforce requiring flexible working, and CEO’s recognising that this attracts and keeps talent Poly’s extensive range of headsets, handsets and conferencing solutions are all you’ll need to collaborate at home, in the office or on the road.

As work becomes less of a physical place through the proliferation of Unified Communications (UC) solutions and SIP collaboration has emerged as a critical factor for businesses and professionals worldwide. Half of the UK workforce are set to work remotely by 2020 whilst companies are searching for ways to serve employees that refuse to be tethered by wires and physical locations. The result has been an influx of new communications tools with Poly leading the way.

The office setting has many different facets that can either become a feature of motivation or an obstacle for productivity. As economies force companies into smaller office spaces, distractions and noise levels, even conversations of fellow workers talking to customers, are magnified resulting in poor staff morale and dissatisfied customers. Poly’s range of passive and active noise cancelling headsets help cut those distractions and when wireless headsets are used enable workers the freedom to move to quieter locations.

Poly’s flexible collaboration range will help your workforce to gather locally, nationally or globally in seconds with rich voice and content sharing utilising smart audio conferencing and video meeting solutions whether in the boardroom or small huddle rooms.

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