Call recording can play a major role in improving your company’s business performance. Whether it’s used for staff training, for compliance when dealing with financial transactions, for proving ‘who said what’ in a dispute or any other reason it’s sure to return your investment rapidly. At NB Data we have become a leading provider of call recording technology and can offer you a vast array of benefits suited to your company’s specific needs.

The regulatory requirements of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) have given rise to MiFID and MiFIDII for those trading in stocks, shares and most types of financial transaction in the banking, finance and insurance sectors. But even without legislation, recommendations on call recording were made by the Financial Ombudsman 16 years ago. In 2011 The Law Society issued instructions to law practices about call recording where mortgage arrears are concerned. Add to that The Medical Protection Society issued warnings about the dangers of telephone consultations without proof of what was said and it’s clear to see the crucial role that call recording software can play in a business.

Why choose our call recording technology at NB Data?

We work with companies to provide call recording On Premise, Hosted and other platforms such as Skype for Business and can fit to suit any type of line or telephone system. Single desk users and remote workers as well as small, medium and enterprise systems that ned to comply with GDPR, PCI and MiFID are catered for from our range that is backed by established call recording experts.

If you would like to discuss more about our call recording technology and how it can your business, get in contact with us.

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