We’ve all been put on hold to silence or annoying, repetitive music before, feeling frustrated at being left to wait for an answer or a response to a query. However, you can twist this time into a positive every single time you place a customer into a queue or on hold by using it as a marketing tool. Educate a captive audience and display a professional image to your caller, by turning on-hold silence into a valuable opportunity to market your business with an on-hold message and music.

At NB Data we can help you create succinct and entertaining on hold announcements designed specifically to transform your telephone message communication into something positive, memorable and meaningful.

Our job is to help you switch those ‘on-hold’ situations from a negative into a positive – both for your staff and for your customers. We’ve a great service to help fill the silence and ensure that you have a marketing message that is professional and useful to your business.

Filling the silence with music and a marketing message that sticks

We aim to create bespoke solutions from our extensive library of music and messages styles complemented by your chosen script so that your customer knows they’re still on hold and are reassured that your team are trying their best to find a solution. You’ll notice the immediate difference that our on-hold announcements make to your business.

Speak to our team today to find out more about NB Data’s on-hold announcement service.