The simple SMS (Short Messaging Service) or text message has evolved and revolutionised the way the world communicates. From personal messages to messaging for businesses, SMS is used in a variety of manners. At NB Data, we’re passionate about the power of SMS bulk messaging.

The power of bulk SMS was demonstrated ten years ago when Barack Obama, as a presidential candidate, used a bulk text messaging system to announce Joe Biden as his running mate. Obama famously created a 'grass roots' campaign, using bulk messaging as one of the many tools which helped him get to The White House.

Now with 15.2 million texts sent globally every minute it’s clear to see why businesses, schools, doctors, delivery companies, betting companies, the NHS and many more businesses in a variety of industries use bulk SMS sending to keep consumers informed.

So, why has SMS flourished, particularly in the context of business?

The answer lies partly in the fact that SMS is the only app that is on every phone in the world. No matter what phone you have or what country you are in all phones can receive an SMS. Add to that an open rate of 98% - many are read within five seconds - and you have a perfect tool to rapidly engage with customers.

A business can run targeted campaigns to virtual markets or match specific customer criteria in the knowledge that SMS marketing campaigns are opted out less than 5% of the time.

So, who uses SMS services?

  1. Schools are now messaging parents regularly about closures, parents’ evenings, attendance reminders and more.
  2. Many universities find that important information, such as timetables and inductions, sent by letter or email just aren’t being read. SMS drives users to find this important information directly or via apps.
  3. Betting companies use SMS to improve customer retention by sending welcome messages, betting odds, competitions, daily play limits and more.
  4. Courier and delivery companies providing tracking and delivery information either when direct to your home or to dedicated retailer collection points. Adoption in the UK of Click & Collect services has seen Collect+ SMS growth of over 800,000 messages a month.
  5. Retailers use bulk SMS to alert customers to new product launches asking users to call and reserve the product and pay a deposit.
  6. Medical practices, dentists and the NHS use texting to keep patients informed of appointments and help reduce no turn up rates.
  7. Banks send account balances, for large transactions or balances outside a client-designated range, and one-time password verification codes via SMS.
  8. Travel-related businesses send booking confirmations, reminders, status updates and follow-up offers to their customers.

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