2020 sees the end of an era with Windows 7 finally dropping its security and software updates. Around the same time BT and other service providers will begin preparations for the 2025 switch from traditional telephone lines to IP by restricting requests for new ISDN based products.

It may seem a long while away, but the widespread nature of PSTN and ISDN telephone lines – and the trust that businesses have in them across the UK – has ensured that this is something many businesses need to consider.

What's actually happening?

BT essentially declared that they would cease providing customers with ISDN orders in 2020. This is not the big switch off but the slowing down of products along this line. In 2025, they will turn off the whole ISDN network forever.

What to do if you have a PSTN or ISDN telephone network?

Like any outdated and legacy equipment, you will need to update and refresh your telephone network. The 2025 switch off with BT comes at a time when more and more businesses are entrusting SIP lines and VOIP lines which are more cost-effective and reliable.

The most important thing to do when you are approaching the end of the PSTN or ISDN era is to prepare. You will want to ensure that you have money set aside to invest in the best possible telephone lines at the time of the change.

Reduced line rental, number portability and a multitude of advantages with SIP technology will help to dispel the cost, but it pays to put your faith in an experienced team.

At NB Data we have the expertise to guide you towards a telephone network which can stand up to the test of time, provide you with cost-saving benefits and ensure you avoid any trouble with the outgoing networks.

To prepare yourself for the BT switch off in 2025, make sure you are armed with all the advice and guidance that you need.

If you would like to find out more about our work and the telephone network help we can provide, get in contact with us today.

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