The impracticalities that you face every day in your school, university, college, workplace or warehouse can be sorted through one single portal. That is, however, only when you choose our interactive touch screens which are perfect for schools. At NB Data we have become a leading provider of these innovative products that help to save time and provide recorded data to analyse.

What can one of our interactive touch screens for schools do to save time and resources?

Save time every day: When a visitor or pupil arrives for school there will be a need to know they are present and when they leave. That job can be devolved to our interactive touch screen which can be developed for sign in and leaving processes. You will cut the amount of time spent on checking pupils and visitors throughout the day and also be able to analyse the data to keep your school safe.

Cut away the need for extra resources: We believe that our interactive touch screens for schools can be used at the beginning of the day to sign pupils in and out. Whether they have a doctor’s appointment, they are taken home ill or a parent needs to pick them up, the use of an interactive touch screen can save paperwork and resources for your school.

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