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NB Data for your Telecoms, IT and Business Technology Solutions

NB Data has supplied Telecoms, IT and Business Technology products and solutions backed with exceptional customer service to businesses regardless of their size for over 20 years.

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NB Data offers a range of Telecoms and Technology products designed to improve business performance and help you to communicate with ease. Our products are carefully chosen for their build quality, reliability and innovative features from leading UK, European and International manufacturers whom we have a direct relationship with.

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NB Data | Solutions | All Weather/Vandal Resist Phones

For tough environments like prisons, train platforms, industrial sites and sterile areas etc. we offer a range of all-weather/vandal resistant phones.

NB Data | Solutions | Audio, Web and Video Conferencing Solutions for Meetings and Seminars

The demand for conferencing solutions is growing rapidly as collaboration becomes a key driver for modern companies. Video, Web and audio conferencing are practical cost saving alternatives to business travel, making worldwide meetings and seminars more accessible.

NB Data | Solutions | Business Intelligence & Call Management

Business Intelligence is a vital call management tool not only for large contact centres but also for all smart businesses aiming to improve control and costs.

NB Data | Solutions | Call Recording

Call Recording helps any business to prove ‘who said what’ in a dispute and also helps FCA regulated firms dealing with financial transactions to be compliant with MiFIDII.

NB Data | Solutions | Computers, Printers& IT Accessories

NB Data supply a range of Computers, Printers & IT accessories including new and refurbished Laptops, PC Keyboards, webcams, photocopiers and other computer related peripherals and IT supplies.

NB Data | Solutions | Contact Centres& Customer Service

Contact Centres & Customer Service operations whether they are inbound or outbound will only improve and thrive using the very latest in telecoms and IT technology.

NB Data | Solutions | Cordless Phones, IP DECT, Two Way Radio, Walkie-Talkies

NB Data’s range of cordless phones with DECT technology are now available with multiple handsets, answering machine functionality, nuisance call blocking, big-buttons and more.

NB Data | Solutions | Hotels& Hospitality Phones& Branding

Creating a brand for your hotel & hospitality offering is achieved by much more than a logo or glossy mag. Your guests will remember you by the sights, sounds and smells that they experience.

NB Data | Solutions | Installations & Cabling Accessories

Our comprehensive range of installations & infrastructure solutions include CAT5e/CAT6, Patch Panels, Faceplates, Cabinets, Sockets, multi-media and Installation Tools.

NB Data | Solutions | Interactive Touch Screens and Digital Signage

Interactive Touch Screens and Digital Signage are driving greater customer engagement enabling businesses of all sizes to communicate more effectively and enabling schools, colleges and universities to create stimulating environments that make working and learning exciting.

NB Data | Solutions | Live Web Chat, Facebook Messaging & Bulk SMS Sending for Business

Global Omni-Channel communication has never been easier with Comapi’s Live Web Chat for Business, Facebook Messenger, Bulk SMS Sending for Business, Bulk Texting for Business and APIs to Engage, Convert and Support your customers. Click here for 14-Day FREE TRIAL.

NB Data | Solutions | Music& Marketing On Hold

Educate a captive audience and display a professional image to your caller, by turning on-hold silence into a valuable opportunity to market your business with an on-hold message and music.

NB Data | Solutions | Nuisance Call Options& Call Blockers

Your telephone service provider can offer some chargeable nuisance call options and the Telephone Preference Service can take action against offenders but a Call Blocker is one of the most effective ways to filter nuisance calls.

NB Data | Solutions | Office Headsets& Phone Headsets

NB Data has a large selection of Office Headsets & Phone Headsets including noise cancelling technology and available in one or two ear or over ear styles and including, Bluetooth, mobile, DECT cordless, Skype for Business and Unified Communications (UC) options.

NB Data | Solutions | Phones for Office and Home, IP, Analogue & PABX

NB Data have an extensive range of corded telephones for business & home use including SIP/IP, digital, hotel, anti-bacterial & analogue phones from leading manufacturers.

NB Data | Solutions | Reduce Energy Bills

Gas and electricity business users can reduce energy bills by calling NB Data on 0161 7637 2540, or contact us by email or complete our enquiry form.

NB Data | Solutions | Retro Phones/Record Players/DAB

NB Data’s sister company manufacture a range of classically designed Retro Phones, Record Players and DAB radio under the GPO (General Post Office) brand name.

NB Data | Solutions | Safety and Security, ATEX, Man Down, Door Entry

Combine building or office security with an elegant look and clear communication for your visitors with a Moshi Door Entry System.

NB Data | Solutions | Sight, Hearing or Physical Impairment

For customers with challenging sight, hearing or physical impairment we offer a range of corded telephones and cordless telephones that are totally oriented to the needs of persons with audio-visual handicaps.

NB Data | Solutions | SIP/VoIP Phones, IP Telephony

The use of SIP/VoIP phones and IP Telephony is growing rapidly and to cater for this NB Data offer a range of products from leading brands including V-Tech, Yealink, and Vidicode.

NB Data | Solutions | SIP Trunks& SIP for Business

SIP Trunks are the new technology of choice for UK businesses that have outgrown their outdated ISDN 30 which is due to be phased out by 2025.

NB Data | Solutions | Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams & UC

Skype for Business (SfB) is a Unified Communications (UC) platform that provides a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types.

NB Data | Solutions | Telephone Answering Systems

NB Data offers a range of Telephone Answering Systems including Voice Announcers, Auto-Attendants or Answering Machines either with or without a static or cordless handset.

NB Data | Solutions | Wi-Fi, Routers, Modems & Network Infrastructure

NB Data offers a range of Networking Connectivity Devices and applications to satisfy your IP-based communication needs.


NB Data | Featured | NEW! Plantronics Blackwire 7225

Help office professionals block out distractions and boost productivity with Blackwire 7225, the corded boomless headset with either USB-A or USB-C connectivity for PC or Mac. In noisy office environments, Blackwire 7225 delivers an immersive experience to focus on work with the option for listening to media in hi-fi stereo. When it’s time to collaborate via audio or video, active noise cancelling (ANC) reduces background noise for the speaker.

NB Data | Featured | NEW! Plantronics Elara

Collaboration just got easier. Whether at home or in the office, simply connect your smartphone to the Plantronics Elara 60 Series and you’re ready to begin. The power of your smartphone and Microsoft Teams, are enhanced with headset, speakerphone and handset options. So, make your call seamless and take control of how you want to collaborate. With Elara, your smartphone is the only phone you need.

NB Data | Featured | NEW! Ascom Myco 3 Smartphone VoWiFi for Health Workers

The Ascom Myco 3 is an IP WiFi (VoWiFi) Android Smartphone that enables health workers and NHS Clinicians to access, update and share information for clinical insights, care decisions and delivery with patients, colleagues, devices, labs and alert systems.

Find by brand

NB Data | Brands | Amplicomms

For almost 20 years now, Audioline GmbH has been developing telecommunication devices for private and business users, citizen's band devices, baby phones, office electronics and mobile communication accessories

NB Data | Brands | Ascom Healthcare ICT and Mobile Workflow Solutions

Ascom is a global solutions provider focused on Healthcare ICT and mobile workflow solutions offering DECT, WiFi and paging devices that enable health workers and NHS Clinicians to access, update and share information for clinical insights, care decisions and delivery with patients, colleagues, devices, labs and nurse call alert systems.

NB Data | Brands | ATL Business Phones, All Weather Phones & Hotel Phones

ATL has an excellent pedigree for high quality Business Phones, All Weather Phones & Hotel Phones. In particular, The Berkshire has been a staple and reliable corded phone, well known in public and private sectors for many years.

NB Data | Brands | BT Corded Phones & DECT Cordless Phones

A household name in telecoms provision BT have continued to be at the forefront of innovative telephone design and have a range of corded phones, DECT Cordless Phones, nuisance call blockers, baby monitors and phones for the hard of hearing.

NB Data | Brands | CHERRY Computer Keyboards & Mice

CHERRY is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of computer keyboards, mice, magnetic and chip card readers and the best mechanical (MX) key-switches in the industry. For more than four decades, Cherry have stood for high-quality, attractively designed computer input devices.

NB Data | Brands | Comapi Live Web Chat, Facebook Messaging & Bulk SMS Sending for Business

Global Omni-Channel communication has never been easier with Comapi’s Live Web Chat for Business, Facebook Messenger, Bulk SMS Sending for Business, Bulk Texting for Business and APIs to Engage, Convert and Support your customers. Click here for 14-Day FREE TRIAL.

NB Data | Brands | Cytrack

Contact centre technology is not reserved for call centers. The technologies and methodologies pioneered by call centres are now being implemented in all smart businesses today

NB Data | Brands | GPO Retro Telephones, Record Players, Music Centres, Cassette Players & DAB radio

The original GPO Telephones were produced by the General Post Office in the UK from the mid-19th Century, until the late 20th Century. The GPO brand recreates the unique style and feel of the original GPO Telephones. The resurgence in demand for vinyl records & cassettes is met with the GPO range of unique record players, cassettes and DAB radio and Retro Telephones.

NB Data | Brands | Interquartz

Interquartz’s philosophy is to build high quality, value for money corded analogue and SIP business telephone handsets. Consequently, Interquartz telephones are the phones of choice in the Corporate, Financial, Health, Government, Educational, Industrial, Hotel & Hospitality and SME/SoHo market sectors.

NB Data | Brands | Jabra Headsets, Speakerphones & Skype for Business Handsets

Choose Jabra Authorised Partner NB Data for a wide range of Jabra Headsets, Speakerphones & Skype for Business Handsets all designed to help you improve efficiency and freedom. Take our 14-Day Jabra Headset FREE Trial and take advantage of our old headset buy back scheme by completing the enquiry form.

NB Data | Brands | JPL Professional Business Headsets

JPL is an ISO accredited manufacturer of professional business headsets, ranging from entry level office use to professional call centre use in wired and wireless DECT styles, offering cost effective alternatives to the major headset brand leaders.

NB Data | Brands | Konftel Conferencing Phones and Audio Conferencing Units

NB Data are a Premium Reseller of the Konftel’s unique range of analogue, digital and IP, wireless and wired, with or without call recording, audio-conferencing units and speakerphones.

NB Data | Brands | Logitech Personal Computer, Gaming, Music, Video and Smart Home

Logitech designs personal computer peripherals to help create new experiences across music, gaming, video, smart home, and computing. From a mouse & keyboard for your PC, gaming equipment through to Skype for Business Smart Dock and video meeting room solutions Logitech have the answer.

NB Data | Brands | Panasonic

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Poly - One Brand for Headsets, Adio & Video Conferencing

Two technology leaders, Plantronics for Headsets and Polycom for Conferencing have joined forces to become one global brand-Poly. With a rapidly growing workforce requiring flexible working, and CEO’s recognising that this attracts and keeps talent Poly’s extensive range of headsets, handsets and conferencing solutions are all you’ll need to collaborate at home, in the office or on the road.

NB Data | Brands | Plantronics Wired and Wireless Telephone Headset and Speaker phones

Plantronics headsets are ideal for the office, and mobile headset user but increasingly for home/remote workers.

NB Data | Brands | Polycom Conferencing Phones & VoIP Speakerphones

Polycom develops video, voice and content collaboration and communication technology with a range of VoIP Speakerphones and Conferencing Phones. The Polycom Trio is the world’s best-selling conference phone for Skype for Business and 7 out of every 10 phones sold with Microsoft are from Polycom.

NB Data | Brands | ProTelX Office Headsets and Headset Accessories

ProTelX manufacture a range of quality consumer electronics goods including office headsets, headset accessories, retro & nostalgic telephones, vinyl record players and cassette recorders.

NB Data | Brands | Sennheiser Headsets & Headphones for Business, Mobile & Sports Users

There’s an unmistakable sense of quality and comfort in the design of a Sennheiser’s range of business, mobile, and sports headsets. But comfort is nothing without safety, that’s why all Sennheiser wireless and wired headsets include ActiveGard® hearing protection.

NB Data | Brands | Spracht Conference Units, Bluetooth Speakers and Ear Buds for Music

From conference phones, to wireless Bluetooth® speakers for music, Ear Buds and Headsets to the first fluid focus web cam, every product performs its function seamlessly, so you can conference and communicate better.

NB Data | Brands | tiptel

From their manufacturing facility close to Dusseldorf airport tiptel have developed professional, high quality and robust telecom solutions for business communications as well as ergonomic landline and mobile phones for the care market and domestic use

NB Data | Brands | Vidicode UK, Call Recording for GDPR, PCI DSS and MiFID compliance

From Call Recording on a single desk to recording calls on multiple extensions or lines with the GDPR, PCI and MiFID compliant Apresa system, Vidicode UK has a solution.

NB Data | Brands | VTech

VTech, the number #1 manufacturer of cordless phones in the world now offer a new generation of affordable, cutting edge SIP phones for business as well as a new range of anti-bacterial coated phones for hospitality and medical environments.

NB Data | Brands | VTech Anti-Bacterial Phones for the Hospitality & Hotel Industry

VTech’s range of anti-bacterial corded and cordless phones are designed to complement a variety of interiors and the unique needs of the hospitality and hotel industry.

NB Data | Brands | Yealink

The award-winning Yealink range embraces entry-level non-display IP phones, business class HD colour screen models and a cutting-edge touchscreen IP media phone, each manufactured to exacting standards and featuring powerful TI chipsets and Power over Ethernet (PoE) as standard


NB Data | Special Offers/Free Trials/Cashbacks/Trade-in’s

NB Data regularly feature Special Offers including Trade-in’s, Buy-Back’s, Free Trials and Cashbacks giving you the best possible value for money. We are happy to bundle products together to meet your requirements and keep costs down. Just call or Web Chat with us now or complete the form at the bottom of the page.

NB Data | New Products

NB Data is committed to offering you the very latest new telephones, headsets and business technology products from leading telecommunications brands.

Regulations & Compliance

NB Data | GDPR, MiFID II and PCI DSS regulations & Compliance requirements for Call Recording

Call Recording is an accepted tool for thousands of businesses so it is vital to know the compliance requirements relating to GDPR (Data Protection) MiFID II (financial transactions) and PCI (Credit Card Security).


NB Data | Keeping Our Customers Happy

At NB Data we keep customers happy by becoming their lowest risk, best value supplier of telecoms and technology. Best value isn’t always defined by the cheapest or the most expensive but by the work we put into making it easy for our customers to buy through listening to their requirements, and if they hit a snag, to support and resolve in a timely fashion.


NB Data | Blog


NB Data | Support | Specification Sheets

Download a selection of product specification sheets from our carefully selected partners

NB Data | Regulations& Compliance for Call Recording

Call Recording is an accepted tool for thousands of businesses so it is vital to know the compliance requirements relating to GDPR (Data Protection) MiFID II (financial transactions) and PCI (Credit Card Security).

NB Data | Support | Telecom Product Technical Updates, Installation and Support Information

Many of the products purchased from NB Data are self-installation and fit easily and quickly via your handset curly cord, plug into your telephone socket or are the simple uploading of software to your PC. Search here by manufacturer for Product Technical Updates, Installation and Support Information.

NB Data | Support | NB Data Price Lists

Prices for our great range of telecoms products and services are subject to change and as we often have special offers available it’s wise to give us a call on 0161 767 2540 or drop us a line by email or complete our short enquiry form


NB Data | Contact | Contact NB Data

We are always glad to hear from customers new and old and will endeavour to answer any enquiries within one working day