The majority of NB Data products are self-install as they fit easily and quickly between the curly cord of your handset or plug into your telephone line. In some cases, for example the Vidicode PICO single desk call recorder or the Truecall call blocker, we have an installation video. We are also  happy to send manuals on request.

Even the business multi line call recording, voice server and fax servers systems are reasonably simple to install as they too plug into your network connection point, often with a simple double adaptor.

Enterprise call recording systems, PCI, speech analytics, workforce management, screen capture, call control and extension side voice recording systems will require a specialist installation. NB Data offers a competitive installation service covering the UK using accredited, independent contractors. Prior to any installation we would ask that you contact us to a) ensure that it is the correct system for your needs and b) that we have the correct information about the type of line, location and future expandability to ensure that you have a trouble free installation.

Extended warranties and support contracts are also available on request.