We’ve all heard the ‘your calls are being recorded for training purposes’ announcement when calling banks, utility companies etc. and possibly thought that this valuable business tool is beyond our means. But whether you work from home, run a small business or practice or run a small team in an organisation, call recording needn’t be expensive and is guaranteed to return any initial layout. Apart from recording for training purposes, and compliance with FCA regulations, it benefits business in so many ways.

Call Recording is no longer just in the domain of big call centres and financial institutions!

At NB Data our call recording specialists can help you find a product to record calls from a single desk onto your PC, up to a few lines in a small business and even onto cloud based multi-line, multiple extension systems.

Here are a few reasons customers we know have required call recording:

Home worker: For example, a travel counsellor as an ‘aide memoire’ for holiday details agreed with a customer. Mistakes can be costly.

Triage nurse: Offering medical advice and dosage requirements. Mistakes can be catastrophic and a reason why insurance in medical practice has risen sharply.

Small Firms: A concrete aggregate company taking delivery details over the phone. Deliver to site on the wrong day, at the wrong time and they are left with a mixer full of concrete that can’t be used and is expensive to dump!

Any size firm: Often in lengthy telephone disputes a company will give in to the customer and offer a free-gift or concession. These add up over time and could be avoided by recording ‘who said what’.

Medical Practice: Staff often face abusive patients on the phone and recording is used to prove what was said and strike repeat offenders off the practice

Booking your holiday: Keep a record of ‘who said what’ and prices agreed on your laptop

Whatever your requirement, big or small, we can talk you through our product range to find a suitable solution that is guaranteed to make a positive contribution to your business success.

Speak to our team today to find out more about NB Data’s call recording solutions.