It does not matter what type of business, what kind of sector or the type of client you work with daily, communication is everything. In the past decade the way we communicate with one another in formal and informal situations has shifted dramatically. The workplace is increasingly a place where employees bring and use their own device, and by 2020 50% of Britain’s workforce will arrive at their job remotely.

To lead the flow of commercial communication, Plantronics, the world’s largest headset manufacturer, and Polycom, the largest developer of video, voice, content collaborating and communication technology, have merged to create Poly. They saw an opportunity to combine the audio quality and reputation of Plantronics with the expertise that Polycom possesses regarding video and collaboration to enhance one and other. Video and audio in seamless transition will be closer than ever for businesses.

Why does it make a difference to your business?

Whether you have utilised Polycom or Plantronics products in the past or you are searching for a leading light in the communication world in the future, you will now have a hub of quality products to rely on. Every type of workplace, sector, situation and scenario in your commercial, mobile and remote setting will be made easy through this important merger.

At NB Data we will be watching closely to keep our catalogue of Poly products constantly updated. If you want to ensure you are ahead of the curve on these communication developments, speak with our team today.

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