Every workplace that relies on telephone communication with customers will need to invest in headsets at some point. It may seem that any headset will do in the quest to improve the concentration of your staff and better quality of service for your customers, but it goes deeper than that.

At NB Data we are approved partners of major headset brands and are well placed to help you towards a new headset that will transform the communication across your business.

Choosing the right office headsets can be a confusing avenue to venture down, but it can make a huge difference if your supplier has the expertise to find you the best solution at the right price.

How to select the right office headsets for your business:

What’s the most important feature?

There are two things to consider when buying office headsets. Freedom of movement and noise cancelling. For many offices, individuals will be statically dealing with customers, but they may be put off by the noise from co-workers particularly in open plan office. Noise cancelling headsets will help to keep your team focused.

In contrast, you may have a more dynamic workplace where freedom of movement can be used to communicate with clients in various areas, for example in a technical environment or for the increasing number of mobile/home workers.

What current systems do you use?

It's important to ensure you choose the right headset for your current or future office system. This may be a traditional PABX handset, a PC softphone, iMac, mobile or tablet or even a combination. You may be using CISCO or Microsoft Teams but whatever your system you can be assured that we our professionals will guide through the options for a best possible outcome.

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