You will have heard ‘that’ message at the start of a call to a business and the oft-repeated line of: 'This call may be recorded for training purposes.' While it often makes us scoff and wonder what they could possibly gain from it, there are several benefits. At NB Data we have experts to help companies choose and install call recording systems for businesses across the UK.

There are plenty of reasons why businesses want to improve the communication that they have with prospective and existing customers or with business partners and colleagues. To help you discover how our call recording services can help here are three reasons why call recording will rapidly return your investment:

1. Proof and evidence: As one of the principle ways of checking back at the ‘who said what’ in a conversation, ensuring you have evidence, saving valuable time and avoiding the need to offer gifts or refunds.

2. Improve ability to communicate effectively: By reviewing the way that your staff respond to queries and questions, you can ensure that they are constantly working hard to provide your customers with the best service.

3. Stay within the regulations: With the introduction of GDPR (for data protection) and MiFIDII (for FCA compliance) regulations in 2018 it has become ever-important to review how you record data. Our team will guide you through these regulations in relation to call recording.

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